About Modern Valley

Since its inception, the GDP Group has been setting unprecedented & indomitable benchmarks in design, architecture, and overall aesthetics, while evolving to the ever-changing need for quality in the real estate industry. We have delivered several world-class residential and commercial projects.

Every heart desire to proudly own a home. Not just a shape of 4 walls and a roof but a deal of warmth, love and happiness. An area to come again to after a difficult day’s paintings. A home that will be a testimony of his hard work and love for his own family.

A magnificently designed residential landscape, Modern Valley is an oasis of greenery and wide-open space that is seamlessly related with a host of offerings and other utilities to be had at a stone’s throw. The complex is complemented by means of world-magnificence infrastructure, proximity to adjacent residential and business complexes and different luxuries of modern living.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Better lifestyle experience of all our customers by delivering high quality services, engagement activities and timely deliveries

Our Vision

We believe to lead the future with a strong belief of conducting business with integrity and transparency.

Our Values

Commitment towards exploring new areas and dimensions in counseling clients, utilizing new technologies & building a trust among all patrons.


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